Garden Fencing in Derby, Ilkeston and the Surrounding Areas

Is your garden fencing looking increasingly faded, dull and brittle? Whether you think the next big storm could cause significant damage, or you’re simply ready to invest in a garden transformation, D & M Resin Driveways Ltd covers all your fencing – and landscaping – needs. While features like patios, turf and planting schemes usually draw the most attention, it’s often overlooked how important a role fencing plays. It not only sets the tone for the design scheme, but also optimises privacy and security.

As a Derby-based landscaping company, our team covers locations throughout Derbyshire, from Ilkeston to Swadlincote. Property owners in Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire also rely on us for fencing installations of unmatched quality.

No two gardens are the same. As such, we supply and install a wide range of garden fencing options to suit your specific personal tastes, including:

  • Closeboard Fencing

  • Lap Panel Fencing

  • Sleeper Fencing

  • Picket Fencing

  • Trellises

No matter your preference, you can rely on D & M Resin Driveways Ltd for a new, stylish boundary marker that restores a sense of safety.

Contact us to schedule an initial consultation at your property in Derby, Ilkeston or the surrounding areas. A member of our landscaping company will provide advice and a free, no-obligation quotation.

Garden Fencing | Finding the Perfect Style

Closeboard Fencing
This style of fencing offers outstanding security and resilience. Our team tailors the construction of your closeboard fence to suit the contours of your garden. Of course, this makes the installation process longer than other options, but it creates a structure with inherent strength. As a result, closeboard designs perform especially well against storms and high winds.

This strength doesn’t come at the expense of aesthetics. Closeboard fences hold huge visual appeal and become an immediate focal point of any garden.

Lap Panel Fencing
When erecting lap panel fences, we slot prefabricated wooden panels between timber or concrete posts. These panels typically consist of horizontal slats supported by vertical struts.Much like closeboard designs, lap panel fencing has zero through-visibility for complete privacy. Due to the prebuilt nature of some components, this garden fencing option is more affordable and quicker to install.

Sleeper Fencing
As a time-served landscaping company, we build fences in Derby, Ilkeston and the neighbouring areas from premium timber sleepers. We can also integrate them into other aspects of wider landscaping projects. Sleepers provide a rustic charm that fits seamlessly with traditional and contemporary designs alike.

Each individual sleeper is nothing but solid wood. As a result, sleeper fencing options are robust and durable. They offer fantastic security and privacy and are highly resistant to accidental and intentional damage.

Picket Fencing
D & M Resin Driveways Ltd doesn’t install these fences with security or privacy in mind. They have a shorter height and good through-visibility. This makes them ideal for other fencing roles. Popular uses include boundary markers in the front garden and sectioning off areas within a back garden. Picket fences are also useful for keeping pets and animals secure and safe.

As an added bonus, these fences allow ample natural light through, so they don’t inhibit plant growth.

While they have obvious links to garden fencing, trellises are closer to decorative landscaping features in nature. But they do provide practical uses too. The lattice or grid structure creates additional screens or standalone enclosures, but with little or no sacrifice in natural light transmission.

Trellises also act as a supporting frame for climbing plants. This means you can create growth in any part of your garden.

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