Resin Driveways in Derby | Landscaping Company | The Importance of Porous Surfacing

When it comes to home improvement projects in Derby, new garden patios, garden fencing and driveways remain among the most popular. Patios become the focal point at the heart of landscaped gardens. When completed by a time-served landscaping company, they play a key role in transforming your quality of life. With the feel of a new room in the garden, you can spend more time enjoying fresh air, eating al fresco family meals and entertaining friends.

Our block paving and resin driveways also deliver numerous benefits. Key among these are an immediate improvement in kerb appeal, guaranteed off-street parking and impressive longevity.

For both patios and driveways, it’s essential that you choose the right material. While your considerations must include colour, texture and durability, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of permeability.

Why Choose a Permeable Surface?

As towns and cities have grown over the years, so has the amount of paving, tarmac, asphalt and concrete. This covering over of the soil means there is less ground available for rainwater to soak into.

But this water must go somewhere. Unfortunately, flooding is a typical result. Following sustained or torrential rainfall, drainage systems become overwhelmed with the sheer amount of water entering them. They then overflow, causing property damage, disruption and water pollution.

To combat this issue, the government introduced SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) legislation in 2008.

Put simply, these guidelines promote the use of permeable materials for garden patios, paths and driveways. This includes the resin driveways and block paving installations that our landscaping company provides. Of course, it has rather less impact on our garden fencing.

These porous surfacing options allow rainwater to pass through. As a result, the water drains into the ground beneath. Conversely, non-porous materials simply channel rainwater toward the nearest drain. Without SUDS guidelines, then, it’s easy to see how urban areas could experience flooding during heavy or prolonged rain.

All permeable systems immediately gain SUDS compliance. Most importantly, this means you don’t need to integrate additional drainage features or seek planning permission.

A Closer Look at Our Permeable Options

Resin Driveways
Our landscaping company installs resin-bound driveways in and around Derby. We coat clean, dry aggregates with a clear resin before laying and spreading the resulting mix on a solid base. Because the surface doesn’t cure as a solid, it allows rainwater to pass through the tiny pockets of space.

This porosity doesn’t come at any compromise though. Resin-bound surfacing has incredible strength and longevity, making it as popular a feature in property improvements as garden patios and garden fencing.

Block Paving
This traditional landscaping favourite not only looks great, but it’s also permeable too. Because these installations use small, porous blocks joined with sand, there is plenty of surface area for rainwater to drain through.

Much like resin driveways, block paved surfaces combine outstanding aesthetics with long-lasting durability. It’s important to note that both options are customisable too. With a range of colours and textures to choose from – as well as patterns for blocks – you can find the ideal combination for your home’s existing aesthetic.

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